Friday , June 18 2021

Borel's suit is sued after scaring the elders at the airport

borel nego

Credit: playback / InstagramThe negotiation of Borel can compensate the old victim of a trick of funkeiro

The singer Nego Borel is being prosecuted for a "joke" with a lady at the Santos Dumont airport in Rio de Janeiro in 2014.

According to the portal information UOL, the victim, a 61-year-old woman identified as Hilda by Britto Champoudry, asks Justice for compensation of R $ 95 thousand for moral damages, after having their image displayed on the Internet. Even so, he advocates removing the footage from the web.

At that time, Borel, besides scaring the woman, recorded the moment and spread it on social networks.

"Taking a hooded sweater, he threw himself on it, shouting, as if he were falling underneath it, bursting laughter, under the laughter and the jokes of the others who accompanied him, which caused him a great scare that provoked a heart acceleration, Only controlled after using the reassurance, "says Hilda's lawyer.

borel nego

Credit: playback / InstagramBorel's bar recorded scare video in the elderly and released on the web

Hilda's defense also says that the victim was surprised to know that a video of the moment began to reverberate on virtual platforms, exposing itself, a fact that left her "ashamed."

Through a note, the press office of Borel reported that the file is old and reiterates that the artist has not yet been notified, "so we are not aware of the accusations and there is no way for the Business to talk about it." The audience has not yet been scheduled.

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