Tuesday , October 19 2021

Gomes da Silva talks about the inevitable return of Jesus and the alteration of the cartoon of Vieira – Benfica


The candidate for the presidency of Benfica does not want the return of the former coach

Rui Gomes da Silva believes that Jorge Jesus will eventually return to Benfica, though this Thursday Luis Filipe Vieira insured Rui Vitória no technical command incarnated. A decision that the presidential candidate of the eagles considered "cartoon", by the molds in which it was processed.
"The return of Jorge Jesus to Benfica is inevitable, but his recruitment will be the worst mistake of Luis Filipe Vieira. It will be a shame that the followers of Benfica accept this decision to return to Jorge Jesús. The rest of the board did not agree with The president's decision on the matter, "said the club's vice president at TSF.

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