Thursday , July 29 2021

"In many situations, we have to leave friends" – Observer

Speaking to journalists, at the end of a visit to the "2018 Exporter 2018" fair on Wednesday morning, Rui Rio completely denied – as it had done in the PSD on Tuesday night – that he stated at a Monday meeting with militants in Viseu, that "does not leave friends "when asked about the case of the false presence of José Silvano in parliament.

I have a personal and political life and distinguish it very well. I do not let my friends fall into my private life. In my public life, unfortunately, in many situations, we must drop their friends if they do not act as they should, could never say such a thing, "he said, adding that the public interest must be above personal relationships.

The president of the PSD regretted that a "lie" had been transmitted from this meeting on something that he did not say and, he asked, he told Viseu that "it would be a stranger if Jose Silvano was dropped" for this particular case, he responded in a way more complete

"When we are in our lives are public or not public, it is not good at the expense of what is politically correct trying to portray ourselves at the expense of others. I said it is a pity when someone in your life takes advantage of what is the fragility of others to reach They, this is not beautiful, "he said.

Asked if it is admitted that this case left Jose Silvano fragile, the leader of the PSD refused to respond. "I did it one, two, three, four, five, six times. I already gave that answer, and I did not like it when I played in German," he said.

On Tuesday night, the PSD issued a statement denying that the party president, Rui Rio, stated that "never lets friends fall" to defend his secretary general, José Silvano, in the event of false attempts. not full of parliament.

The Social Democratic Cabinet reacted to a news release released Tuesday by the agency Lusa, citing sources at the meeting, that Rui Rio said "does not leave friends" to justify the support given to the Secretary General, José Silvano.

"Those who made this unmistakable lie are meant to imply that, in the exercise of public functions, the leader of the PSD does not respect ethical standards when it can be a matter of people close to each other," said the Social Democrat.

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