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Netflix: The good and bad of sharing of accounts

Video broadcasting services are now widely accepted by consumers. I sell great titles of movies and TV series, great documentaries, it is easily accessible for an application on your PC, TV, smartphone or tablet.

Of course, the associated monthly rate tends to expel users or generate account sharing groups (or steal). The latter is a scenario that may be hurting the company … but is it really that bad?

Does Netflix lose $ 192 million per month?

A recent study by reveals that currently 1 out of every 5 people who see Netflix, Hulu or Amazon reset the account of another person to do so. In this case, it is the Netflix service that has kept this type of users longer. They are people who, on average, spend 26 months using the account of another person.

In the study, most use familiar accounts, those related to parents or siblings, although they do not share the same roof.

If these people paid for the service, Netflix could receive about $ 192 million per month more, according to the findings of the study. In the case of Hulu, the amounts would reach 40 million dollars and Amazon to 45 million dollars.

Note that these calculations were made based on the prices charged in the United States, for individual accounts and not for family shipments.

The ghost of piracy

If, on the one hand, piracy of movies and series, as we know it through torrents, began to decline thanks to the transmission services, now we talk about a new form of piracy. The piracy of the accounts of these services.

There are accounts for sale on the web, there are account sharing groups, there are users who discover the access of a friend or relative and use the service without their consent. Soon there are people who leave the parents' house, parents continue to pay for the service and continue to enjoy it.

For these services, this form of use obviously does not look positively. They are, in fact, thousands of dollars left to pay … but would it be preferable that these people choose to illegally unload the series and movies? That would probably be the scenario.

It is clear that we must combat the usurpation of accounts and the sale of accounts at low prices on the web. Control is increasing and companies are already developing software that can more effectively detect these scenarios that do nothing to provide better content to users who really pay the service.

Do users share accounts with their friends or use third-party registration?

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