Tuesday , July 27 2021

"Our Afternoon" & # 39; is the new program by Tânia Ribas de Oliveira – A Television

The name of the new RTP1 afternoon program is already known. It's called "Our Afternoon", which will be released on April 22 and will be directed by Tânia Ribas de Oliveira.

RTP announced this afternoon on social networks with a photograph of the hostess next to the director of programs at the public station, José Fragoso. "Tânia Ribas de Oliveira is the bet of José Fragoso for the new RTP evenings. Our evening arrives on April 22. Check the agenda! Read the publication.

Also the presenter has left a message on social networks with the novelty in which he confesses not to have words: "Our afternoon. (Sorry, now I have no more words.) The followers hurried to congratulate the hostess and wished her luck for this new stage of her life : "Very successful! I'm sure I'll take a look. "" I wish you a lot of success for the show "and" merit it "were some of the comments that fans have left on their site.

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