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Sade: the Department of Health records another case of yellow fever

The epidemiological bulletin monitoring the appearance of yellow fever in Parana registers another case of the disease (now five), this time in the municipality of Curitiba, but with pollution in Adrianópolis, where there have been two cases. The other two are in Antonina and Campina Grande do Sul; In these, people were contaminated in Guaraqueçaba.

To intensify vaccination, which is the only prevention against illness, the State Secretariat for Health recommends that equipment be actively sought mainly in rural areas. And to support the municipality of Adrianople, the secretariat sent a vehicle and a team to travel to the most remote areas in search of non-vaccinated people.

"This is one of the strategies to intensify selective vaccination," said the Health Surveillance Secretary of the Secretariat, Acácia Nasr. According to her, the priority at this time is the 1st and 2nd Health Region (Coastal and Metropolitan Region of Curitiba), where the disease has already been identified. In these regions it is estimated that half of the non-vaccinated population of Paraná is approximately 2.5 million people.

In total, 168 suspected yellow fever have been reported throughout the state since the beginning of the year. Of these, 115 were discarded and 48 are still under investigation. In monkeys, which are an important warning about the circulation of the virus, their presence has only been confirmed in animals found dead in Antonina in January. There are 13 cases under investigation.

Since the first news of the circulation of the virus in the Ribeira Valley region, in São Paulo, the Department of Health of Paraná has taken measures to contain the spread of the virus.

In Galicia, there were 503 cases of the disease in 2018; with 176 deaths. This year, from January to February 15, 38 cases were confirmed, with nine deaths in the neighboring state.

The yellow fever vaccine is available in the health centers of all the municipalities of Paraná. This is the only proven form of prevention, remembering that it takes ten days to take effect when you immunize the person. For those near the forest, the Department of Health also recommends the use of a long-sleeved shirt, long pants and repellent.

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