Wednesday , October 20 2021

Sérgio Conceição: "Some are interested in saying that the group is not strong …" – FC Porto


Sérgio Conceição made the previous match of Tuesday's match with the Moscow Lokomotiv, noting that he does not expect facilities against the Russians but they occupy the last position of the group. The dragon coach also stressed that the team corrected the errors that he saw in the first round encounter.
Opponent forced to win

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"I heard the question about the extra motivation of the opponent to have to win to continue dreaming of qualifying or continuing in Europe. I do not think that has nothing to motivate, the result we had in the past, three games did not go well … The motivation has to be daily, you have to be here, win games. Now it's normal for Lokomotiv to want and think that you can do a positive result and we do that. "

Changes in Lokomotiv

"Marking in the first or last minute, the important thing is to go hard, as we did in Russia. The game tomorrow could be harder since Kryshowiak advances towards midfield, Manuel Fernandes plays probably on the left, a dynamic Tomorrow we will find more difficulties, but it will not prevent us from doing everything to get the three points. "

FC Porto can match club points at the end of the group stage

"These are situations that you analyze, comparisons with the past, but the focus has to be total about what we have to do, in which the team can, according to individual actions, do collectively to overcome the opponent. very important, we have to focus on the game, the opponents and our team. "

Game plan

"If there were any differences in the attitude of FC Porto, I would not say so because it would be part of the strategy, but we will not evade the identity of the team, you can change one or the other player, the positioning, but that is part of this strategy. My team does not think about what the opponent can do and from there react.

Is a more offensive approach expected?

"I do not know what the opponent's coach thinks, I guess it's what he's doing in the league, a bit different from us in the Russian game, but we're used to. I think it's very balanced, we still do not lose and there are three teams with a difference of three points and that says the balance ".

Are you planning to launch Otavio?

"Regarding Otavio, I do not like to be individualized," he said, "during the week we are here to evaluate medical reports, reports from the opposing team, our training.

Are there defensive aspects already fixed?

"There are always situations to improve, depending on the difficulties we are encountering, sometimes because of our demerits, one or another individual or technical error, or the value of the adversary. We are always looking for that perfection, This defensive organization, regardless of the Our team's strength must be the basis to start the rest. We can not dissociate this organization from the moments when we have a ball and there were things that were less well as I said at the end of the game in Russia for individual errors or positions that could be Do it differently and this allowed the opponent to create dangerous situations for our purpose.

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