Thursday , July 29 2021

Son of actor Will Smith says he is dating rapper Tyler

Jaden Smith surprised fans during a show performance in the United States on Monday 12. The son of actor Will Smith said he would be living a romance with rapper Tyler, The Creator.

"I just want to say that Tyler, The Creator is my best friend around the world, I love Tyler and I want to tell him something, I mean, Tyler does not mean, but I'm going … p … from my boyfriend," he said Jaden. The moment has been registered and viralized in social networks.

In his Twitter profile, the son of Will Smith reaffirmed the statement. "Yes, Tyler, I told you all. You can not deny it now," he wrote. Tyler responded, also in the official profile of Twitter: "Hahaha is crazy," said the rapper.

His followers are still not sure if the statements are serious or not jokes. According to the information on the website in 2015, Tyler made a Twitter post: "I tried to get out of the closet" four days ago, but no one cared about it. "In 2017, the rapper would have given some clues about his sexuality in Flower Boy album

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