Sunday , June 13 2021

The Café de Bragança brings luck to the builders

A brigantine player was the lucky winner of Totoloto's first prize, whose key was announced last Saturday. The man, in his 30 years, presented the winning bet at a café in Bragança and will receive a prize of more than 1 million and 500 thousand euros.

However, this is not the first time that the restoration bar acts as a talisman for the bettors, since the establishment already registered bets that gave rise to the second and third prizes of the Euromillions, as well as to a file of risk Super Pé de Soto , valued at 27 thousand euros.

The winners of the city of Transmontana were bathed by a lucky tide for the game. Last June, another bettor raised a million euros, under the M1lhão contest, which automatically generated a code consisting of letters and numbers that, with the necessary luck, allows the allocation of one million euros.

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