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Use Messenger and Facebook? Then you will like it a lot!

We initially use the Facebook application on our smartphone to view messages from our friends or to talk. However, in 2014 everything changed. To keep talking, we had to start downloading the Messenger application for your smartphone. Therefore, this application was completely separate from normal Facebook. Now it seems that Messenger will be included in Facebook again.

Messenger will be inside the Facebook application

Although there are some benefits for those who just want to talk, how to download the version of Messenger without downloading Facebook, it makes little sense that it is. Whoever just wants to talk has WhatsApp.

The Messenger will go

Now it seems that Facebook wants to bring "Messenger" to Facebook.

The code researcher Jane Manchun Wong has uncovered clues about this potential change. In a tweet in this regard, he says that this change is part of the strategy of this company to integrate all the conversations in a single application. When we say them all, we talk about Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

However, in a later tweet, the researcher says that when the chat is integrated in Facebook he will lose some functionality. It is true that we can continue to speak through text messages. However, we will still have the separate application to access phone calls, video chat, upload photos and much more.

Of course, this can change over time. Thus, it is possible that Facebook eventually includes all the features of the application.

However, as we talk about Messenger, we know that the family of Facebook applications that includes the conversation program, Instagram and the Facebook application itself announced the end of support for these devices as of April 30.

It's more a desist of the universe of Windows Phone

In October, nine years ago from the initial launch of Windows Mobile. It was an interesting operating system and I had to use it. However, it has never challenged Android or iOS. In 2016 Microsoft revealed that the platform had a market share of 2%. This was the clear indication that this operating system would no longer be the focus of the company. In practice it was the beginning of the end.

After confirming the final in 2017, software and security updates disappeared in December last year.

In fact, many applications have stopped supporting the Microsoft operating system for mobile devices. This information was sent by the users themselves.

However, Microsoft also confirmed that Facebook and Messenger, which are the most popular applications of this platform, will be removed from the Microsoft Store, also on April 30.

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