Wednesday , May 12 2021

CHEFI LEVELS. SEASON 6. Mărioara Stănescu cooks the jury despite having handicaps in his hands

Ambition has no limits, this is what Mărioara Stănescu wants to demonstrate in the "Chefi la knits" edition tonight, issued after 20:00 in Antena 1. After losing some of his hands because of a shaky accident, Competition He was abandoned in the hospital, so he spent his childhood in the children's home.

On Tuesday night, Mărioara demonstrates to the bosses that his passion for cooking is not shadowed by the difficulties he has encountered throughout his life or for those who face work banking:

Mărioara Stănescu has a great life story!

Mărioara Stănescu has a great life story!

"At first, it was difficult for me to cut myself, cut me, I was roasting in the pots. But I consider myself a small warrior.etI caught youcomplicatedyou can notti scomplicated begin pÂncomplicated here There is lifetcomplicated etand latercomplicated accident ". In spite of the difficult past and the tragic moment that marked it, the competition in Iasi has not been discouraged and today can be proud with a title of champion of tennis of paralympic table.

How will the meeting with the patrons Sorin Bontea, Florin Dumitrescu etI Ccomplicatedtcomplicatedlin SccomplicatedRLcomplicatedTescu, that will be a reactionttake them cÂAnd they will learn how Mărioara adapted to cook etWhat impressive story is hiding, the viewers of Antena 1 can see tonight in a new editiontthat is to say "Chefi la cutITE ".

Mărioara Stănescu has a great life story!

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