Thursday , October 28 2021

Combinations that you should not do if you take medications. It reduces the effect of the pills and can cause serious health problems


  • It was the Yellow Code all night in the counties of Constanza and Tulcea. And still it is. The meteors say today. Feeling temperatures

    In Dobrogea there was a severe Yellow Code, absolutely at night, and the National Meteorological Administration warns that it will be the same until now until 11.00.

    That is, there will be wind speeds at speeds of 55 …

  • Clear signs of RAZBOI: Russia put into operation the fourth battalion of S-400 missile systems in the Crimea, directed to Romania

    The fourth air-to-air missile battalion S-400 entered the service of Thursdays in Djankoi, north of the Crimea, near the border with Ukraine, the official Russian news agency TASS quoted a spokesman for the Russian Black Sea fleet, according to Reuters and Unian.

  • New Roşia Montană – More than 6.5 million ounces of gold will be operated by a Canadian company

    In the form of imports from other countries, Romania is in true treasure. We are talking about gold resources for which our country has been known since ancient times. The Canadian company Eldorado Gold, with activities in Romania, Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Brazil, has announced that …

  • Darius Valcov praises the Government: "We have the highest increase in an EU economy, 24.7%"

    Darius Vâlcov, Prime Minister Viorica Dăccilă, said yesterday that the budget is money for salaries and pensions, which shows that in the last two years the statistical revenues have increased by almost 25%. "The total revenues for the consolidated state budget in 2016 were 228 million law. Come …

  • VIDEO exclusive! VIOLUL AND AGENCIA DE ARRESTO! The father of INTERLOPILI in Iasi was created by MASCATI! She apprehended and raped A MINOR who hooked her in a FOOD CLUB!

    @ One of the most well-known offenders in Iasi was arrested @ Jan Buliga was recently released from prison …

  • Scandal in the most expensive area of ​​the city! The owner of a famous warehouse of building materials was surprised. The police discovered everything

    @ The owner of one of the most famous deposits of building materials was captured by the Local Police Attachments …

  • November 30: the apostle Andrew, the first Protector of Romania

    . (Tropar)

    "While Jesus walked through the Sea of ​​Galilee, he saw two brothers …

  • Data that confirms DEZASTRUL: revenues increased 11.8% and expenses 18.1%

    The budget deficit increased by 3.3 billion in October this year, which represented a negative balance of 20,100 million of law (2.2% of GDP) for the consolidated general budget for ten months, compared with 16,800 million law or 1.77 % of GDP at nine months. According to data published by Min …

  • The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova did not want to discuss the bill that forced the deputies to know the Romanian language

    The Parliament of Chisinau rejected on Thursday the introduction of the bill proposed by the parliamentary group of the Liberal Party (PL), which stipulates that future MPs should know the Romanian language and speak only in the Roman legislative sessions …

  • Miroslav Lajcak resigned as Foreign Minister of Slovakia

    Miroslav Lajcak announced Thursday that he resigned as Foreign Minister of Slovakia after the government and legislators decided not to sign the UN agreement on migration, the DPA agency said.

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