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How old was Antonia's daughter! Maya made her makeup and posed like that! How beautiful!

Maya, the daughter of Antonia, has grown a lot! The girl is very pretty and looks great with her father. Maya lives in Italy without her mother. Antonia is in relation to Alex Velea, who has two children: Akim and Dominic. Although they are very distant, Antonia manages to maintain a close relation with her daughter. The little one conquered the internet with the inherent beauty and her mother and her charisma.

Maya, Antonia's daughter, ever more beautiful!

The visits to Italy to her daughter are not very frequent, but when they have the opportunity, it recovers all the lost time. Maya He asked the artist to bother her as she did, so Antonia complied. The singer filmed many times when both were delighted to show their followers on social networks.

Alex Velea, Antonia and Maya
Alex Velea, Antonia and Maya

"Playing with makeup (playing with makeup n.r)" was the text that was next to a photo. "He likes singing, dancing, wise, he likes to joke. I've been with her this year, and I'll be back soon. When I looked at her, I saw myself as a child, my smallest version. I like your character since it is formed … ", just revealed Antonia for Click!

This is what Maya now looks like
This is what Maya now looks like

Alex Velea, an exceptional relationship with Antonia's daughter from the previous marriage

Alex Velea surprised many times when she gave her love to Antonie's daughter. Maya likes it very much and is considered very close. "They had a chemical from the beginning. But being a child, you know how they are the children, people feel, and they felt a good man, and Alex is the same, he was melted after the children and it was as they were known. And recently, Alex He made a tattoo on his face and was something amazing to me, he was speechless "And he said to Antonia.

Antonia is still in the case of open divorce, after opting to say goodbye to Vicenzo Castellano to establish the final custody of the girl. During this time, the artist loved Alex Velea, the one with whom he made two children. "Nobody understands, in fact, everyone is looking for answers for me … The point is that this case is carried out in Italy and it is moving hard. Keep the law there and I do not know what to say. All I can do It's fighting all the time until it is solved, obviously I do not leave it because it's a broken piece of me. I do not know what mother would give up on her baby. I pray that every day will end up and be able to get here again and again. "

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