Wednesday , March 3 2021

Mayor of Timisoara, defendant in the file of houses sold illegally: "2 magherniţe"

The mayor of Timisoara Nicolae Robu will be sued in the scandal of houses sold illegally. Edil was summoned to the DNA on Monday morning to receive the news, and Robu seemed upset.

The same charges include the former mayor – Gheorghe Ciuhandu.

Research seems to end after two years of research. DNA prosecutors put the test together and, on Monday, the main protagonists of this corruption scandal were officially informed of the criminal action taken against them and who are on the verge of being prosecuted for allegations of abuse.

Nicolae Robu arrived at the headquarters of the DNA on Monday morning. The Edil did not make any declaration on arrival, but on leaving said that, under his signature, with the guarantee of legality of the specialized apparatus of the city council, they were sold "two magherniţe."

Rob said he did not understand why he was sued, declaring himself "An ultra-honest ultra-correct man."

"I am an honest, ultra-fair man in everything I do. My only wealth until this age, with all the functions I have, is honor. I can not be rebelled when someone is attacking my honor and listening to me my own humor Why should I be sued? Why is my name appearing in a piece of material that, in four pages and a half of six, is totally unrelated to me? In my case, only two magnets have been sold by the City Council, not because I have a signature from me, without telling me that these tenants arrived later or in other aspects. Under the guarantee that everything is legal, given by the specialist "said Robu, at the exit of DNA.

He said that, under his signature, a 25-square-foot apartment was sold and a two-bedroom apartment of 50 square meters.

Robu has specified that five other people from Timisoara City Council have signed for their legality.

It was in the DNA in mid-June, according to him, that it was investigated in a dossier in the design of thermal rehabilitation of 65 blocks. Rob claims that the company that made these works is a distant relative with whom he was not related and everything was legal, and he is very relaxed.

Also in early February 2017, DNA announced that Nicolae Robu and former Timişoara mayor Gheorghe Ciuhandu were prosecuted for abuse of charges in the case of the sale of 967 buildings, the damage to the state of 40 million euros.

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