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Mitsubishi presents the new L200 pickup :: News :: Auto News

The new L200 is the latest version of the 40 year old model this year and is produced at the Laem Chabang factory operated by Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Co. Ltd. (MMT).

The vehicle is a global strategic model that, after its launch in Thailand, will be launched in other ASEAN markets, as well as in Oceania, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Latin America. This model will be available in approximately 150 countries around the world.

On the occasion of the world premiere, Mitsubishi Motors CEO Osamu Masuko said: "The new Mitsubishi L200 is one of the world's most important strategic models of Mitsubishi Motors, and its success is vital for the company's sustainable growth. Sustainability, reliability and comfort over the last 40 years since the introduction of this model in the Mitsubishi range. I am convinced that the new L200 will meet the needs and desires of the notorious customers around the world. "


The new L200 was developed to incorporate the expression (engineering beyond robustee) that marked its development. Among the elements that make it significantly more competitive are: a stronger style that incorporates the latest interpretation of the concept of frontal design of the Dynamic Shield; a better 4WD system that offers better off-road performance and the latest in assistive technology and technical assistance. In general, the new model introduces significant improvements in the durability and reliability required by the commercial user and user friendly convenience.

Designed Atrgtor "Engineered Beyond Tough"
The new L200 introduces a revitalized design within the concept of "Rock Solid", which incorporates, in and out, the whole essence of the "Engineered Beyond Tough" development, a robust only supported by engineering and know-how.

Front view
The front incorporates the new concept of front design "Dynamic Shield". The high-profile cap and the rugged look rails give the new model a stronger and more impressive front.

Side and back view
The new sculpted lines, in contrast to the sharp edges, wings of extended wheels and bright accents, incorporate the power of a Mitsubishi Motors and add modernity. The lighting and bumper parts are part of the rugged design, stretches in front and rear and adds visual depth.

or inside
The restored interior of the L200 expresses a modern and robust feeling with contours for the control panel and for ventilation. The high quality image is created by soft materials and brackets, arms and parking brake zone.

2. The 4WD system provides off-road performance
The new 4WD L200 models feature Super-Select 4WD, which provides optimal handling and handling for any surface, or Easy-Select 4WD, which simplifies changing one way to another for different field surfaces. With the addition of new driving modes, both 4WD systems provide better off-road performance.

A new way off-road
Both 4WD and Super-Select and Easy-Select systems use a new off-road mode with the following parameters: GRAVEL, MUD / SNOW, SAND and ROCK (only 4LLc). When controlled, the off-road mode completely controls the power, transmission and direction of the motor to adjust the slip of the roll and maximize the total performance and extracted from mud or snow.

Downhill control of the mountain
The speed of the vehicle is electronically controlled to allow the driver to confront the steep or slippery tugs more safely with more confidence.

3. Active / conductive safety systems
The new L200 maintains the high-end durability, high-reliability framework and cabin-proof structure when introducing first-line systems for its class in terms of active safety and driver assistance.

The systems that provide security and always help the controller are:
Forward collision mitigation (FCM), which can detect vehicles and pedestrians on the front;

Blind Spot Warning (BSW), which helps to avoid the lateral impact of another vehicle when changing bands when detecting the rear or rear vehicle and the driver's audio and visual alerts;

the rear cross-alert (ATCTA) that also helps to avoid collisions when you enter a flood;

An ultrasonic deceleration mitigation system (UMS) that reduces the accidents resulting from the incorrect use of the accelerator pedal when leaving the parking area or when returning to the parking area and other closed spaces.

Watch the controller with the monitor Multi Around, which generates a composite image (above) of the area around the vehicle and with the help of parking sensors.

4. The performance and functionality of vans
The new L200 features many concepts directed by details in order to increase durability and reliability in commercial use, as well as privacy in private use. Steering performance is also enhanced by the use of front disks and larger stirrups.

Cltoria is enhanced by the use of larger rear shock absorbers that provide greater comfort. By creating the number of gears available in the automatic gearboxes, the new 6-speed A / T transmission, compared to the current 5-speed A / T, will allow a smoother and more powerful acceleration to provide more refinement.

Launch plans

After the sales of Thailand this year, the new L200 is scheduled to be launched sequentially in the markets of ASEAN, Oceania, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Latin America and finally sold to about 150 countries all. In Europe, the new L200 will be available as of the autumn of 2019.

MMC plans to sell as. 180,000 units of the new and current model in this fiscal year. The L200 is a global model and the second best-selling MMC model after the mid-size SUV Outlander.

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