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Monthly horoscope Minerva February 2019 INTEGRAL

Horoscope Monthly Horoscope February 2019. Find out what the stars will be for February this year.

Monthly horoscope February Minerva. Click on your zodiac to read the horoscope:

Aries – Taurus – Gemini – Cancer – Leo – Virgo – Balance – Scorpio – Sagittarius – Capricorn – Aquarium – Fish

BERBEC: In February 2019, the Native people of Aries will have a lot to do, although the direction has already been established, the end of the road or the achievement of the objectives will depend, of course, on them. Read here below

TAUR: In February, the Taurus natives will have a clear certainty that they can do anything, you just have to work harder. It's the condition they need, but there is another basic question why they need to get what they want. Read here below

GEMENI: In February, Gemini will have an overwhelming desire to change something in the world around him. Read here below

RAC: In February, cancer will be one of the signs for which the period will be radical in the broadest sense of the word. And that is due to the change in the exclusive advantage of Mars. Read here below

LEU: In February the Lion will literally be led by destiny. The position of the Sun, his master, will be particularly strong, while Pluto will lose all its positive energy.

In general, we will obtain an interesting combination, which indicates an absolutely neutral attitude towards the circumstances. Read here below

FAMILY: In February, Virgins will have to rely much more on their feelings than they usually do. And this is because, now, Mercury, his planetary master, is not in a position to help them.

At the same time, Saturn, the master of all earth signs, will offer support by amplifying what we call the sixth sense. Read here below

BALANCE: For Libra, February will be an extremely important and significant period. Now they will learn how to trust people. Read here below

SCORPION: For Scorpio, February could become a special moment, because its planetary leader, Mars, is now in a dominant position. Read here below

SAGGER: In February, Sagittarius can only get what they want if they are very careful. Jupiter, his main master, will be an enemy that an ally at this stage and should not expect too much from him. Read here below

CAPRICORN: Despite the fact that in February the most energetic personal planet is in Capricorn, which will be exalted by a very favorable position, the period will be quite calm, although moderate, would continue the trends of January. Read here below

VICTOR: For Aquarius, February will be the long awaited time. Finally, they can use all the opportunities and play to the fullest. Read here below

FISH: For the native Pisces, February will be a fairly quiet moment, but it will have its characteristic features that should be taken into account. Read here

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