Sunday , June 13 2021

New cases of AH1 influenza have been confirmed in Iasi!

DoctoretEan Tudor Ciuhodaru, from the Emergency Clinic HospitalEC "Prof. Dr Nicolae Oblu" draws attentiontTake seasonal illnesses, especially flu, warning that ccomplicated, in IaetThere are already 4 cases of adhesioncomplicated clinicalcomplicated in the last scomplicatedtocomplicatedmancomplicated etThree cases of adherence were confirmedcomplicated AH1. nocomplicatedinfectious infectiontAcute respiratory diseases increased 2.8%EC of scomplicatedtocomplicatedon the previous handcomplicated etit approaches quickly to 100,000 (almost 10% more than that)eti scomplicatedtocomplicatedmancomplicated of 2017).

The AH1 flu virus is the congentyou have virus genesetswine flu, bird flu etand humans Symptoms are similarcomplicatedncomplicatedwith those of seasonal human flu: fevercomplicatedcough etsecrettnasal pain, sore throat,complicatedeventually etand other symptoms such as widespread pain, especially muscle pain, headache, chills, fatiguecomplicated, vomcomplicated or diarrhea (not characteristic of the flu, but have been reported in some recent cases of adherencecomplicated with this virus). In some cases, it is possiblecomplicated looktand complicationsteven serious etto peoplecomplicatedncomplicatedinfected with this type of virus.

Tudor Ciuhodaru is recommendedcomplicated etand a set of mcomplicatedSuri to protect our grip effectivelycomplicated:

1. Avoidtcontact with sick people: avoidtagglomerationt(means of public transport, spatpublic) where they existcomplicated Greater risk of getting in touch with a personcomplicated infectiouscomplicateddo not staytChestcomplicated the people youetesc or strcomplicatedTcomplicated, do not visitte ethe does not gotand collectivelyAcrossespecially etfaculty, sick He does nottand the child of the Dacian communitycomplicated presentcomplicated Februarycomplicated, Frison, cough, secrettnasal abundance! The patient will be isolated from the rest of the family in a roomcomplicated separatedcomplicated brightcomplicated, aeratedcomplicated, with a temperaturecomplicated average 22-24 degrees.

2. Respecttand the general rules etand individual hygienecomplicated: the use of the cloth eteu spcomplicatedthe hand in the hands, the mouth of the hand in the mouthcomplicated when youetim or sneezecomplicatedm, avoiding contaminationcomplicatedtouching the eyes or mouth with your hands, daily ventilationcomplicated to dwelltor offices with mentmaintaining a temperature of 18-22 degrees etand hygiene of the spatDISCLOSURE etand surfacests. SPcomplicatedtoti-vcomplicated as often as the hands with watercomplicated eti scomplicateddo, spcomplicatedit must becomplicated last at leasttin 20 seconds, insisting we bent etand spatinterdigital, then drythands with paper towels or hot air or showercomplicated you are nottand near the water you cantI use it efficientlyEC lesscomplicated, a basic disinfectantcomplicated of alcohol

3. Avoidtand thermal stress: obstructcomplicatedccomplicatedremember correctlycomplicated, the consumption of hot liquids, avoiding the displacementcomplicatedmorning hours etwhen it is very cold, alternating the rest in the spatmecomplicatedas institutionstpublic authorities etand stores.

4. Respecttand an adequate fruit-based diet etFresh vegetables, rich in vitamins, give uptSmoking zone, avoiding alcohol consumption, watching the rest programcomplicated.

What do you needtin the opinion of doctor Ciuhodaru:
1. Transmission of a person
complicated the other is made with great ueteaseEC by aircomplicated (talk, cough, strcomplicatedpig) or by direct or indirect contact with the secrettrespiratory system in the hands or on the surfacestis contaminated
2. The most exalted
etelderly people over 65, children under 5, pregnant women, immunodeficiencytii, patientstwith affectiontrespiratory or cardiovascular disorders.
3. Avoid
tand self-medicationttake Any treatment, including vaccinations, should becomplicatedcut only on the recommendation of family or special doctorsetfish
4. Antibiotherapy f
complicatedrcomplicated discerncomplicatedNot only is it inefficientcomplicated, but etand potentialtdangerouscomplicated. You can take the selectiontgerm resistancetworsening of affectivitytbasescomplicated or dcomplicated multiple undesirable side effects. George SUMANARU

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