Tuesday , June 22 2021

Now the PSD has PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE! "The break between Dragnea and Tariceanu began" The news

The analyst told Reality TV that Gabriela Firea will surely be a rival to Klaus Iohannis in the presidential elections.

Moses Guran said that Gabriela Firea will have a good score, regardless of whether it will run for independent PSD or. The presenter also considers that the mayor of Bucharest is the most popular man in the PSD.

"I do not think Dragnea will run for president. The gap between Dragnea and Tariceanu began. I hope that Tariceanu never reaches the president of Romania, I do not see a candidate with possibilities. I think that Gabriela Firea will be a candidate for the PSD although he will run independently. It is the most popular person in the PSD. If Corina Cretu returns to Romania, she reinvents Gabriela Firea, "said Moise Guran, actually TV.

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