Tuesday , May 11 2021

Panasonic 4K 2018 Series TV receives update for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa: Gadget.ro – Hi-Tech Lifestyle


The range of Panasonic LED 4K televisions is made up of four series with the avant-garde 75X FX780. The other models, up to 65 inches, are: FX740 in the upper line range, the intermediate level FX700 and the standard FX600 level. The Panasonic OLED 4K range is also made up of two models: the FZ950 and the FZ800.

All Panasonic 4K televisions this year are compatible with Dynamic Metadata Technology HDR10 +, High Dynamic Range (HDR) developed by Panasonic with 20th Century Fox and Samsung.

The Panasonic 4K range of 2018 has received a firmware update since October 30 that allows it to be compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. With this update, users can use their voice to close and open the TV, change the channel, adjust the volume and more.

To implement the update, users must make sure that the TV is connected to the Internet. When I open any application, such as YouTube, a pop up window will appear with an invitation to update. After the update, the television will be configured to connect to a compatible smart speaker.

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