Thursday , September 23 2021

Romanian people have talent. Calinescu and Mihai Petre, scandal: I can not stop it

An offerer who sung a gift provoked a true jury conflict. Mihai Petre and Florin Călinescu fought against the competition and the scandal continued after the moment on stage.

Florin Călinescu expressed his dissatisfaction with the sad parts with which the competitors come, launching a call to the competition on the stage:

"Why do all come with a sad ballad? (…) Hold your hand over the Serbs, leave the drug, you have qualities, and Moldava music is exceptional."

And Mihai Petre reacted: "I do not think we have to be happy all the time. Life is made from black and white, from different states"

Andra: do not contradict you Did you ask me how long does it take? In the signs that you are bored, you expect something of rhythm.

Mihai Petre: I do not expect any rhythm. The problem is that there are people who enjoy …

Florin Călinescu: Life is what Mihai says, but everyone wants more joy (…) Great folk music has taken on true folklore, but its success has been due to the music of the party. I was watching Michael in a dance of dead and dead. The one who dances only with cheerful music (…) It's silly that Michael said. In this stage, energy and joy must arise, not mortality.

And the conflict intensified when Mihai Petre asked Calinescu to say how he voted and suddenly cut his macarão when he tried to talk about the moment:

Mihai Petre: No, the verdict!

Florin Călinescu: Boy, you see you have ten stages behind me.

And the argument continued after the competition moment.

Florin Călinescu: You have a very poor vocabulary, Ms. Mihai. When you talk to me, you have to change the words. I can not stop doing it.

Mihai Petre: No!

Florin Călinescu: Go to your living room and invite them. Here you can not do what you want.

Mihai Petre: Yes, they believe in me. It's ugly

Florin Călinescu: It's your business if it's ugly on your part. It seems good to me Reduce everyone to the navel of the earth you think.

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