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Samsung GALAXY X joint

Samsung GALAXY X. The official launch of the collapsible phone of Koreans took place last week, but of course not everything that was seen in it was 100% true, and it's good that everyone knows that. Samsung GALAXY X has been hidden in a special case because its final design is not yet configured, but also because Samsung did not want its competitors to know what the company is preparing for the official launch.

Samsung GALAXY X. A key component that has not yet been chosen for use in the phone is the hinge, the hinge, the exterior that has the two fingerprint screens and folds with the phone itself. It seems that a company called KH Vate has presented no less than 5 Korean models of joints, but so far they have not made a final decision about the component they will use for the phones they will launch in March 2019 on the market.

Samsung GALAXY X. THE SECRET HERE in the official presentation

Samsung GALAXY X 1 joins

Samsung GALAXY X. Since there is no hinge to be used to open the phone and keep the screens jammed, it is possible to open it through a slide system similar to the one with the claw phones. Basically, Samsung GALAXY X could be opened in any way, and the board would be covered with corrugated material, so it will be interesting to see how the final design will look.

The Samsung SDC2018 has launched a prototype folder folder, but the actual product will have different folding functions. Customers who have developed hinges for Samsung FolderBB have prepared several versions of the hinge, but Samsung has not yet decided on the hinge to use. It is designed to leave space well so that two panes can be touched when the phone is bent so it does not break through the impact. In addition, it is said that it is equipped with a gear so that the folder can be bent step by step. It's similar to how a laptop can be deployed at a consumer's angle.

Samsung GALAXY X. We already knew that we would not even see the final version of the folding phone at the conference last week, but I still saw more than just some, not just the interface, but also a true prototype. Samsung GALAXY X is scheduled to be presented at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, ​​and the launch will take place sometime in March 2019, most likely in the middle of the month.

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