Tuesday , June 22 2021

Why Meghan Markle wears short dresses during pregnancy

Although it has already exceeded the first trimester of pregnancy, the Duchess of Sussex looks very good on clothes that are above the knee. That's why Meghan Markle wears short dresses during pregnancy, like her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton!

On the tour made with Prince Harry in Australia, the Duchess of Sussex showed his task little visible with pride and new and modern costumes with great courage, especially because he has a very harmonious figure. Because Meghan Markle wears short dresses during pregnancy, she explains to Cecile Reinaud, the woman behind Seraphine, Meghan's favorite motherhood mark. In addition, fashion experts do not think that Meghan will change style much, but one thing is that everyone expects: shorter dresses.

Since she is pregnant, Meghan wears shorter dresses.

The short dresses flattens the silhouette of Meghan

Cecile Reinaud said that Meghan still opt for short dresses, such as Kate Middleton, his sister-in-law, who adopted this style in the three tasks, and the reason is very simple. In an interview with InStyle, she explained: "Meghan may have a great stomach because it has a delicate construction … So to consider the legs and arms is a good trick to leave the impression of beautiful silhouettes. And Kate used shorter dresses , for sure. On several occasions I used dresses over my knee, which I normally do not. "

Meghan does not even watch against the molded dresses … yet.

And as winter approaches, Meghan will take the chance to wear dresses to show off his feet. Even at the time of the royal tour with Prince Harry in Australia, the Duchess of Sussex could be admired in a beautiful white dress with a very daring cut and frac-style, perhaps shorter than ever in the royal family. In addition, Meghan was criticized for grabbing his hands in his pocket, not for nothing … real, but he showed himself so well that this little impotence was pardoned. And since you do not get much of the tag, we hope to see Meghan wearing short dresses until … spring.

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