Thursday , January 21 2021

"Arshavin can and should change the soccer situation of our children"

Former midfielder Zenit and the Russian national team Vladimir Bystrov have no doubt that his friend Andrei Arshavin can become an excellent coach in the future.

– In the last match, Kairat Arshavin played a tie with the Shakhtar, and Andrew himself appeared in the field only after the break. Do not you look weird? In my opinion, farewell would be more beautiful if the striker came out in the initial lineup.

– At first, Arshavin could leave the field for a minute. In general, that would be enough for him, said Mr Bystrov. – Regarding the reasons, I do not know what is the reason for such a decision. Maybe Andrey felt bad or did not want to play the whole game. Until now, he does not ask him why.

– What do you expect to wait for Arshavin below? Do not rule out that he can return to Zenit, but he is no longer in the state of a soccer player?

– In this situation, everything will be envious only by the desire of Andrew and the club itself. I think the return to Zenit de Arshavin is quite realistic if the leadership of blue-white-blue wants it. Andrei is a person who can and should influence the development of Petersburg soccer boys. At the moment, this is all very sad at Zenit. It's sad to see how new soccer players, academy students, go to the field as part of CSKA and Spartak, while Zenit has retired Italians. A depressing view

– I heard the opinion that Zenit would bet with pleasure for local soccer players, but they simply do not exist. Although it seems an excuse.

– Of course. Where does the girl and your players come when you buy for five or six years? It's much easier to sign a soccer player and earn money than raise your own. But Arshavin is one of the few people who can change to better the situation of soccer of our children. Yes, thousands of academies have been opened, but something especially does not work.

– If you abstain from Zenit, do you see him as a coach?

– Why not? I'm sure Arshavin will be a great coach if he wants to.

– Would you agree to reimburse Arshavin's technical staff if you received an offer from him?

– Of course. Just imagine this situation: as players we share with so many features, and now we are two coaches. All correspondents and journalists would be satisfied. We want to give you many scandals. (laughs).

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