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Bottas: In Australia, the car will look different

Valtteri Bottas worked on the first session of the seventh day of tests in Barcelona and addressed journalists …

Q: Valtteri, how is the new Mercedes car now?
Valtteri BottasA: Compared to last week, the car was added, but it is important that it is competitive in Australia. The car has become more stable, has more air force than a week ago, but until now we are far from understanding its true potential. The tests end, we learn to work with it every day, but there is still a lot to be done.

Question in Melbourne, the machine will be in the same configuration as here?
Valtteri Bottas: I can not confirm this. All teams try to refine the machines to get close to the race in Melbourne in the best way possible. We include In Australia, our car will be different.

Question do you think the right decision to make the first week of tests with the basic version of the chassis and the key innovations to postpone until the second week
Valtteri Bottas: Schedule it from the beginning. The team wanted to work longer based on aerodynamics, because this year the rules changed. I'm sure that in 2019 we will have even more new products during the season than before.

Question: Last week Ferrari said faster. Your opinion has changed since then?
Valtteri Bottas: They are still very strong. In the tests, everything changes quickly, but it's obvious to me that we can get more from the machine. I think that each of us wants to spend four more days in the tests, but there is none. However, we spend these days very productively. I just lost half a day, the rest of the time we worked. For Australia we will be ready.

Question: How do Pirelli 2019 tires classify?
Valtteri Bottas: They behave differently than in November 2018 when Abu Dhabi tested the first prototypes of new tires. However, the conditions in Barcelona are very different from those that await us in Australia. It's cold here in the morning and at night, but it was warm during the day and we could learn a lot.

The new tires behave very well, the difference between the compositions has become smaller, but under different climatic conditions, the behavior of the tires can vary.

Question: What are the problems of the first week of tests that have been resolved with the help of updates?
Valtteri Bottas: The balance improved, there is more aerodynamic load, the car added stability. The new elements really helped.

We start to get acquainted with the new machine. Now it is difficult to say how to behave on other clues, but we will move forward. In how slow the car is better than last year.

Question: How important is it to keep the remaining two sessions?
Valtteri Bottas: When you lose time in the tests, you have to change the priorities so you have time. I hope to drive a long distance on Thursday and Friday to work on short series.

Question: How to move forward? Magnussen believes that it has become easier to go behind the opponent's car, and Verstappen did not feel the difference …
Valtteri Bottas: With new wing machine you have more resistance, feel. The cars became slower in straight lines, but faster, the stop distance was somewhat reduced.

Everyone is talking about the attacker, I also thought that behind the opponent's car it is easier to drive now, but I think a larger DRS will have an effect on the advancement. Overloading will really be easier.

Behind an adversary now the car behaves more stable, it is easier to control. This is a step in the right direction. It is believed that due to changes in the aerodynamics of the machine it will return slower, but I do not think so.

Question brokers no longer need to control each gram of their weight. What changed for you last winter?
Valtteri Bottas: Finally I could eat normally. It was the first winter of many years when I was not sick with anything, neither a cold nor a flu. Before many had to limit the weight below their normal values, then some were ill. Everyone feels better now.

Ask you about the speed of Ferrari and what you can tell about the Red Bull Racing machines with Honda engines
Valtteri Bottas: They added too. I think we're about to match the speed and Ferrari ahead with a slight edge. Probably, the results will be denser throughout the platoon.

Question: What if in Australia is he behind?
Valtteri Bottas: Of course, I would always like to have the best car, but it's not just what will be the first race. It's important how you spend the entire season. In 2018, we prove that we are able to move quickly. Although at first we will be back, we can recover. I'm not worried about that. It will be necessary to tear your sleeves and work even more.

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