Sunday , June 13 2021

Moe will check the malls every two years

The checks of the new rules will begin in the second half of 2019

Moe will check the malls every two yearsMoe will check the malls every two yearsPhoto: Svetlana Makoveeva

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On Wednesday, November 7, he knew each other MONTH RF It will increase the category of risk for objects with a massive stay of people, including commercial centers, from "significant" to "high". As noted by the chief inspector of state fires Rinat EnikeevThe experts will carry out inspections programmed in such sites every two years.

Also, according to the director of the Department of preventive and supervisory activities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the rescue department has drafted a draft decree according to which one of the "extremely high" additions will be added to the five existing risk categories. The new category will include socially significant and dangerous objects, and inspections in such places will be carried out annually.

"As expected, the government decree will be signed this year, and the planning of inspections under the new rules will begin in 2019," Komiki Enikeeva Tass.

By the way, we recall, according to the website, in June there was information that after the fire safety check From Russia close to 400 shopping centers closed.

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