Sunday , June 13 2021

Rejected did not meet the expectations of the publisher

Activision announced that sales of the Destiny 2: Rejected plugin, which appeared on September 4, were lower than expected. The publisher has promised investors new forms of monetization. This announcement occurred in the context of the fact that game fans and critics are satisfied with "Rejected" and previously it was reported that 60% of original buyers bought an add-on. What were the expectations of Activision if the company twice hit its own series?

This news did not surprise those who paid attention to the distribution of the free version of Destiny 2 for everyone. It will end on November 18th. Normally, such events mean weak sales.

In the "rejected" developers it has become hardcore players who are not looking for easy ways and are ready to get the best content through a long grind. It is not excluded that Bungie will soon remember once again the casual players and will re-edit the project.

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