Friday , June 18 2021

Scientists have shown: the rejection of sugar changes the human body radically

Today 17:33

US scientists have been able to test the negative effects of sugar in the body, according to Focus.

"Scientists have studied people with a certain gene mutation, so their bodies absorb extremely small amounts of glucose, that is, simple sugar from the intestine," says the article. In total, the study examined data from 15,000 Europeans and Americans, of which 1,200 had a genetic mutation.

"The study showed that in people whose body absorbed a very small amount of glucose, the risk of overweight was 57% lower, the risk of diabetes was 42% lower. The probability of having heart failure was lower by 47% and the rate of mortality 34%. Thus, the subjects that, for genetic reasons, could assimilate only an insignificant amount of glucose, turned out to be much healthier in many areas, "the publication reports.


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