Friday , June 18 2021

Scientists linked autism to zinc deficiency

The experts found a mechanical relationship between zinc, DNA, autism risk and abnormal neuronal compounds with autistic spectrum disorders.

The onset of autism in children is associated not only with genes encoding proteins. His research shows how zinc loops form or "synapses" between brain cells that are formed during early development using a complex molecular mechanism encoded by autism risk genes. The results published in the journal Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience do not support the use of zinc supplements directly for the prevention of autism, but also increase the understanding of their main development anomalies for subsequent treatment.

"Autism is associated with specific variants of genes involved in the formation, maturation and stabilization of synapses during early development," says lead author, doctor Sally Kim of the Stanford University Faculty of Medicine.

The results obtained link the zinc levels in neurons – through the interaction with the proteins encoded by these genes, with the development of autism. Scientists attributed the development of autism to zinc deficiency and recalled that each person has genes of risk from birth. At the moment there are no controlled studies on the risk of autism with the addition of zinc in pregnant or lactating women. It can not take much zinc, because it can reduce the amount of copper and the body can suffer from anemia and weak bones.

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