Sunday , February 28 2021

Singer Grechka told about the stupidity of the Russians: Music: Culture:

The singer Anastasia Ivanova, known under the pseudonym Grechka, told an interview with "Afisha.Daily" about how she was affected by negative comments by artist Zemfira.

"At that time I was in a state, say, a crisis and emotional falls, and this, of course, bothers me," said the artist.

According to her, she did not want such PR. "In general, 40 years is already a sheath, but she is not aware of her influence. If she says her face is ugly, thousands of people try to find it in you, sometimes even when I see her alive," added Ivanova.

Buckwheat clarified that Zemfira's words about her work did not play her much, since she was never her idol. Ivanova said that he prefers western artists who are calling to love themselves.

"How many people listen to their shows that many adults in Russia are stupid. In the sense that they do not perceive the new and do not understand that times are changing rapidly. And they say it was better at those times when there were many more prohibitions," said Buckwheat . She stressed that Zemfira showed "some kind of diagnosis of her generation," and also recalled the joke that "through the Zemfira concerts one can understand how LGBT coverage extends in the country."

On July 19, Zemfira published a publication on social networks in which he criticized Grechku and Monetochka. "Buckwheat is very bad. Horrible voice and appearance. It's difficult to understand, they do not know how to sing, they do not convince the lyrics and they are very ugly," wrote the artist. Zemfira added that Coin's voice is "disgusting."

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