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Solntseva's old wife got caught in a restaurant :: Showbiz ::

Gauguin Solntsev and his wife Catherine Tereshkovich entered into a new scandal. This time, the initiator of the disputes was Gauguin's elder wife, who began to swear in a public place.

After Ekaterina Tereshkovich underwent plastic surgery, she changed her hair color and image, there is a perception on the web that, along with the appearance of her husband, Gauguin Solntseva, also lost her shame. Fans do not understand how an old woman, who was resting with her new husband, choosing the children's things for a possible child with her, instantly became a fight that managed to throw her daughter's tooth in front of the whole country in the " Live "by Andrey Malakhov.

It turns out that Tereshkovych was jealous with her husband. And soon the same happened to him. Calling Catherine the litter of the devil, the infuriated Gauguin threw all his belongings from the balcony and put his wife out of the door. Fortunately, the couple in some way managed to make peace and even shared a succulent photo with the public in honor of February 14 – Valentine's Day.

But the idyll did not last long. Catherine Tereshkovich once again cast a scandal. About the incident, he commented on Gauguin Suns on his official website on Instagram's social network. It turns out that the old wife did not like the service in the restaurant. Furious Catherine obscure the waitress and the manager.

"Katyusha went to a restaurant. Because Kate thought the dishes were rubbish, she scandalized, yelled at the waitress and the director. As if some type of envy or woman's affection … it was urgently removed from institutions to not get a new status In the photo, on the way out, I try to move away the situation to turn off the situation and it can be seen as still evil and very tense after the happened 😢 Ed. "- complained Gauguin Suns.

Subscribers, carefully evaluating the face of Ekaterina Tereshkovich, expressed the view that plastic had a negative impact on it. "Something Katyushka has an eye does not open") "," An eye went to the Khabarovsk Territory, "" Katerina was a modest and polite aunt, what could happen that she throws scandals? ","
Katyusha is exactly like Joe: "Well, the eye that breaks into itself is something with something," network users said.

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