Thursday , July 29 2021

Vitamin D makes the muscles stronger: Science: VladTime

This statement was made by Austrian gerontologists after conducting a study with more than 200 elderly people.

During the experiment, the interviewees were divided into two groups. One of them received a gram of calcium daily, and the other 800 units of vitamin D. For 20 months, the participants of the study followed a regime recommended by scientists. The average age of the subjects was 70 years. The experts verified the strength of the legs of the pensioners before the beginning of the experiment and after its conclusion. As it turned out, members of the elderly who consumed vitamin D became stronger. Also during the experiment, the scientists verified the coordination of the movements of the interviewees. It is known that with age it gets worse.

As it turned out, vitamin D not only makes the muscles stronger, but also reduces the number of falls in the elderly. It is proven by the experience that elderly people more often lose their balance and break their arms and legs. With regular intake of vitamin D, such problems can be avoided. This biologically active substance is found in fish oil, butter, egg yolks, cod, cheese and forestry. It is also prescribed for the treatment of children with rickets.

Dombrovsky Sergey


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