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When the end of the world will come according to the prediction of Matron in 2019

The terrible prophecies of St. Moscow matron appeared on the net – according to her, the Earth is waiting for an apocalypse already in 2019. On the forecast of the sacred site informs topnews.

So, according to Matrona, the unbelief of the population will lead to the destruction of the Earth.

– There will be few believers, life will be worse and worse. People will be like in hypnosis. The time will come when a cross and bread will be placed in front of you and say: choose. There will be many victims. Without war you will die. Everyone will be on the floor, – Editing word results.

However, a different destination awaits Russia – this was also planned by the Moscow matron.

– How many people have disappeared and Russia existed and will exist. Pray, ask, repent! The Lord will not abandon you and save our earth, – predicted

One of the improbable versions of the end of the world in 2019 called the asteroid 2002 NT7 falling to the surface of the planet; Some people believe that this will happen on February 1. However, official science denies this version.

Matron of Moscow – santo of the Russian Orthodox Church, born in 1881 in the Tula province of the Russian Empire. He survived the First World War, the Revolution, the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War. According to his life, he was a deeply religious person and he was able to heal people. Matron died in Skodnya near Moscow in 1952, his grave remains a place of pilgrimage to this day.

Before you had channel Five on the asteroid, which "will demolish" the Earth on February 1.

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