Thursday , July 29 2021

Windows 10 users in a frenzy

Anything that is being asked for a lot of money should be perfect in all aspects, even if it is a program as complex as the operating system. Microsoft is requesting a license for Windows 10 Pro of US residents. UU. Up to $ 200, while in Russia the purchase at a store will cost more than 13 thousand rubles. Obviously, this is just a huge amount of money for the software, but it does not pay even a tenth of the amount requested.

As it turned out, many users of Windows 10 Pro in the last 48 hours were victims of another Microsoft failure. Their employees with "twisted hands" did it in some way so that computer users who were connected to the internet in a certain period of time, have fled a license. It has evolved towards Windows 10 Home, which costs more than half. In some cases, the license simply disappears, causing the operating system to be a pirated version.

When some users began to discover what happened, after having fallen into the store history of Microsoft, they could not find Windows 10 Pro there. Due to this state of affairs, many began to panic, because expensive software disappeared completely, with which $ 200 was spent in vain. Microsoft's technical support began issuing calls for this purpose, which were already many hours after one of the executives of the company intervened.

He made a public message and stated that activation of Windows 10 had a major failure that affected users in more than 150 countries, including Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the United States and Holland. It was promised that the problem would be resolved completely within 24 hours. This period has passed, but many people still have an unlicensed operating system, although someone was lucky a little more: the license for Pro became a Home version.

According to experts, to solve this problem, Microsoft will issue a special patch in the coming days, only after installing the license for Windows 10 Pro will work again. As it was possible to confront such difficulty – not informed, but all this once again shows the irresponsibility that the company has to control the quality of its software. The users of "Windows" are completely angry with this state of affairs, because for many the computer is not a means of entertainment, but an integral tool to work and make money.

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