Saturday , April 17 2021

150,000 euros from Rome for injured Liverpool fans

ROMA (Reuters) – Italian club Rome said yesterday that it would give 150,000 euros (170,295 dollars) for treatment and a rehabilitation program for a Liverpool fan who was injured in an attack outside Anfield in April.

Sean Cox, 53, an Irishman, suffered a serious head injury in the attack before the Championship semifinal between Liverpool and Rome.

Rome said that her charity would allocate 100,000 euros to the entertainer while James Balata would personally donate 50,000 euros.

The Italian club also agreed to work with Martina's wife of Cox in fund-raising initiatives to help her spend her recovery program.

"What happened to Sean Cox should not have happened to anyone who wants to attend a soccer game," Ballotta told the club website.

"My heart is with Cox, his wife Martina and the whole family.

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