Wednesday , May 12 2021

4 Ahli fans face in the new state of Orabi

Al Ahli fans welcomed the decision to name Haitham Orabi in the Al Hamra Al Hamra contract commission, with great pleasure and joy, believing that Orabi may return new actions and names to the club again during the next transfer window .

The decision of the return of Orabi to the hiring commission of the Red Crescent and working with Mohamed Fadl, the current director of the commission, from the standpoint of the masses is a long delayed decision, above all because he hoped to return since Khatib took over the Castle Red in early December last year, based on the success achieved by Orabi. In the file it is during the era of the old Council headed by Engineer Mahmoud Taher, who appointed him as Director of Hiring, on the appointment of Alaa Abdel-Sadiq, a member of the former football club of the Commission.

During his first term in the Red Fort, Orabi was able to bring a more exciting transfer season that allowed him to bring Maloniano Ivón Gabón after a long struggle with Zamalek, as well as Ahmed Hijazi, Ahmad Al Shaikh and Saleh Juma.

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The state of Orabi this time will not be provided with roses or in a more precise sense, will not be able to work with great leisure, like the previous period for many of the reasons that we mentioned in the following lines:

Transaction budget:

In the old state of Orabi with the Engineer Council Mahmoud Taher has been able to include several stars of the Egyptian ball, thanks to the great budget assigned by Taher to the ball, signed with Ivona of Wydad Morocco by 2,5 million dollars and with Ahmed Sheikh and Saleh Juma, these amounts were the highest and highest in the market at the moment, but now Orabi will find it very difficult for the National Council to contribute large amounts of money, in the light of the Red Red government's rejection, to handle the great financial figures in the market during the current Hour, or Directory refused to handle Ahli material requests for two clubs in the transfer dialog and those of two-year summer, during this year.

Resistance to competition:

Orabi could not compete with Zamalek only in the previous time, which had less buying power than Ahli, but now he will find the fierce competition of Al-White, who has a lot of money to hire with the players. In the Egyptian league, with significant investments, he allowed him to hire the best players in the Egyptian market during the transfer period last summer, along with the inclusion of Brazilian professional Keno, who is the best of the Egyptian League.

The competition with Zamalek and Pyramids will not be easy, due to the great financial strength that they currently have, while the National Council refuses this financial competition.

Exaggerating clubs:

All clubs are considered the biggest financial force, taking into account the sponsorship contracts recently signed by the club, as well as the many funds obtained by the sale of players, Ramadan Sobhi, Ivona, Trezeguet and Ahmed Hijazi, so they began to overexploit These clubs in the material requests to resign their players to Ahli. .

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The clubs like Smouha and Wadi Degla and the compensation require numbers of up to 20 and 30 million pounds, in exchange for any player that wants Riding Hood to be signed, and this will be difficult in the task of Orabi during the next period.

Conflict with Fadel and Ghali:

Since the news of the appointment of Haitham Orabi leaked to the contracting committee during the board of directors and even before the official announcement, the revolution of Hossam Ghali, the coordinator of the football sector, and Mohamed Fadl, director of the recruitment committee, O The appointment of Orabi, which means that things between the trio will not be well, although Ghali withdraws and prefers to resign, the evidence confirms that the relationship between them will not be good.

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