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4 ways to prevent gum disease from drinking water constantly

The latest health news, where gum disease is associated with many health problems, where many studies have shown that gum disease can cause the risk of many diseases such as high cholesterol, heart disease, dementia, cancer and preterm birth, in this report we identified four ways to prevent gum disease, According to the site "Net doctor"Said.

Periodontal disease

How rubber disease affects your health

Inflammation of the gums and bleeding allows bacteria and toxins to enter the bloodstream and then move into the brain and the heart, causing a heart attack, heart attack or any other disease and increase the incidence of periodontal disease with age.

Methods of prevention of periodontal disease

There are four ways to help prevent periodontal disease

– The work of periodic exams: important things that help to prevent gum disease.

– Cleaning cleans your teeth constantly, cleaning includes cleansing your gums and teeth, at least twice a day, to help prevent gum disease and make sure you use a good quality toothbrush with soft, medium bristles and change the brush every three months and the use of dental floss and mouthwash with toothwash to prevent accumulation. Plate or germs in the teeth.

– Dietary and lifestyle habits: limiting sugary foods and drinks, reducing alcohol intake, and stopping smoking will contribute to improving the health of gums, smoking, in particular, causes dry mouth and can lead to gum disease, As a result of bacteria and toxins that cause the formation of sediments. Mouth

– Maintain the humidity of the body. Ensuring that drinking plenty of water is not only beneficial for your mental and physical health, but also important for healthy gums, because dryness leads to dry mouth and the formation of bad bacteria, which can contribute to the disease of the gums.

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