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Al Ahly News Friday

The Al Ahly club saw several important news on the level of the ball team on Friday that are preparing to face the UAE bond in the Arab Championship.


Hossam Ghali refuses to withdraw from Ahli

Hossam Ghali, the general coordinator of the football sector at the Al Ahly club, declined to resign on Thursday, while insisting on not completing his administrative experience at the Red Fort.

Ghali apologized for completing his role with the club during the next period in the context of some decisions taken by the National Council headed by Mahmoud Khatib, most important of which included the Haitham Arabi commission to hire the club led by Mohamed Fadl.

Haitham Orabi sends a message to the masses of Ahli after returning to the contracts

Haitham Orabi, a manager of the Ahli recruiting department, sent a message to his team's followers after returning to the club as part of the board's plan to return the ball team to the right track after losing the African Cup of Champions to Tunisia in the end.

The text of the message from Haitham Orabi on the official website of Facebook's social networking website follows: "God willing, under the direction of the captain, we are like everyone … As for the public, I would like to say a word that expresses the My thanks and gratitude for your trust and, for God, I have confidence. A difficult period, I decided to be completely away from the media or do any television or press interviews until the end of the winter transitions "

Ahli is considering signing the Moroccan Benhaleb attacker

French coach Patrice Cartier is studying some of the biographies of more than one foreign attacker in preparation for one of them joining the team in the next period if one of these foreign players is fired. The most prominent of the foreign attackers that Argentine Morroquí Mahmoud Bouteflih, the Moroccan striker Raja Casablanca and the goal of the Confederation, Forte with Raja received, since he is the highest scorer of the Confederacy with 11 goals and prepares for the final with his team against the Vita Congolese Club at the end of the month.

The French offer is offered by Ahli talks with Frank Com from Cameroon

Cameroonian midfielder Frank Koum has received an offer from a French club in recent days, weakening Ahli's chance to include the player who is one of the most prominent midfielder of the African continent during the current period and contributed Al-Tarji to the crown of the African Championship at Al-Turji coast.

Al Ahli has opened communication lines with the Côte d'Ivoire player during the last days, especially after the loss of the Ahli African Championship and although the player Al-Turji reserved Ahlawi's offer, but the Red Castle officers did not know They stopped and decided to continue negotiating with the player and the Tunisian club and control Ahli $ 500,000. To complete the transaction.


After the decision of the solution. Ahli refuses to reformulate the ball committee

The Board of Directors of the National Club, headed by Mahmoud Khatib, made the final decision to cancel the Ball Committee after the dissolution of its previous formation, which was composed by Mahmoud Khatib as president and the members of Abdul Aziz Abdul Shafi "Zizo "and Alaa Abdul Sadiq.

According to an informed source within the administration of the Ahli club, the board decided to cancel the whole idea of ​​the restructuring of the Ball Committee, in the absence of frames deserving to join them, contrary to what happened in recent years, where the commission consisted of the great Ahlihp as Saleh Saleh Tariq Salim and Mahmoud Khatib.

Ahli comments on the postponement of the Egyptian super-Saudi thanks

Mohammed Al-Ahli, Ahly's Executive Director, has confirmed that the club values ​​the feelings of the Saudi Federation and its decision to postpone the game of the Saudi Super Cup with the Custodian of the Two Mosques Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Cup due to the meticulous operation carried out by the president of the Ahli Mahmoud Khatib club next Monday in Germany. Spinal cord

Brigadier general Mohammed Morjan thanked the brotherly fraternal position in Saudi Arabia and wished Mahmoud Al Khatib's quick recovery to return to his relatives and loved ones soon.

Ahly decides to name Sayed Abdel Hafiz on the ball and advertising tomorrow

Sayed Abdul Hafiz, the former Ahli star, met on Friday night with Mahmoud Al-Khatib, head of the club, in preparation to occupy a position within the ball system in the new alignment.

According to an informed source within the Ahli administration, Sayed Abdel Hafiz will take one of the positions and the ball's director will remain coach of Mohammed Youssef in the French Cartiron's technical staff or will be appointed as the successive sports director of Abdul Aziz Abdul Shafi Zizo.

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