Wednesday , May 12 2021

Al – Riyadh Journal Adjust 2096071 in violation of host and work standards

The joint field campaigns were launched on Wednesday, February 26, 1439H and until the end of Thursday 7/3/1440 AH to track and arrest violators of residential, labor and border security systems that took place in all regions of the Kingdom , resulted in the following results:

The total number of offenders who were captured in security camp campaigns in all regions of the Kingdom were 2096071, of which 1622218 violated the system of residence, 323435 violated the Labor Law and 150418 violated the border security system.

Second: A total of 35478 people were detained while trying to cross the border into the Kingdom, 52% were Yemeni citizens, 45% were Ethiopians, 3% were nationalities, 1673 were arrested, to try to infiltrate the border into the Kingdom.

Third: the total number of people involved in the transfer and accommodation of people who violated the regulations of residence, work, border security and concealment of detainees (2985) people.

Fourth: the total number of citizens arrested for their participation in the transport or reception of irregularities is 848,820 of which were completed and released. The competent authorities complete the application of the legislation against the remaining 28 detainees.

Fifth: the total number of those being subject to the procedures for implementing the regulations (13536) and the arrival of the opposite, including (11620) men and (1916) women.

Sixthly, immediate sanctions were imposed against 33,421 dissidents, 301,013 in violation of their diplomatic missions to obtain travel documents, 366,851 in violation of their travel reservations and 54,107 deportees.

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