Monday , May 10 2021

An urgent reaction of the Consulate General in Jeddah after the assassination of an Egyptian by a Saudi

Written by: Dia El Sakka

The General Consulate of Egypt in Jeddah expressed sincere condolences to the family of the Egyptian pharmacist who was killed by a Saudi citizen in the city of Jazan.

The consulate said in a statement Friday they knew the murder of Ahmed Taha Hassan Mahmoud al-Manhali and a pharmacist in the Safa neighborhood of Jazan, about 700 km from Jeddah.

A consulate delegate went to Jazan to learn about the circumstances of the accident, follow the investigations and complete the procedures for sending the body to Egypt.

The consulate called on Egyptian citizens not to circulate or spread rumors through social media that could hamper the development of investigations.

An Egyptian pharmacist, Ahmed Taha, was killed in a pharmacy in the city of Jazan by a Saudi national with seven sporadic squads, five in the chest and abdomen, and two in the body with a white weapon due to a dispute between them. Pampers can only be returned with the invoice in accordance with the instructions of the pharmacy department.

Shortly thereafter, Saudi security forces arrested the author and handed it to the competent authorities to complete the investigation.

The Saudi media have revealed that the author was "mentally incapacitated in the third decade of life."

First movement of the immigration minister

Meanwhile, Ambassador Nabila Makram, State Minister for Migration and Egyptian Affairs abroad, said he immediately followed the Egyptian pharmacist's assassination, stating that he continued with the pharmacist's captain to follow the incident.

In a related context, the Saudi newspaper Okaz published a "video" of the surveillance cameras of the unfortunate incident and the culprit appeared while stabbing my pharmacist with seven knife injuries in the chest of the suspect in the areas of the chest and abdomen.

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