Saturday , April 17 2021

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Gulf Newspaper

Gulf Newspaper

The General Presidency of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of the Vice President, represented by the Directorate General of Human Resources, announced the opening of the request of employees as a member of the board (men only) for the recruitment of new candidates by appointment in several regions and Governments of the Kingdom. Less than "very good".

The Commission explained that the applicant must be a Saudi national and that the request should only be made through the website (paper application will not be accepted), that the applicant has the right conditions for each job and that the application is limited to one only branch, Branch Road Committees.

He added that the recruitment takes place in several stages, beginning to be sent through the portal, then review the requests of the Directorate General of Personnel and invite the candidates to the interview by text message, each one according to the region that he chooses. In case of overcoming the interview, the applicant will be invited for the written test and, finally, in the admission phase.

The request will be sent via the following link: from next Sunday 3/4/1440 H for 15 days.

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