Friday , May 14 2021

Baker Hughes: The number of oil rigs in America goes up for the fifth week in 6 weeks

(Reuters) – US oil companies added oil stations this week for the fifth time in six weeks, keeping the total number of platforms at their highest level in more than three years and producing crude rocky oil basins at a high pace.

The number of oil drilling rigs in the United States rose by two excavators in the week ending on November 16, representing a total of 888 excavators, the highest level since March 2015, reported Baker Hughes Energy Services on Friday no Your weekly report. .


After a modest increase of five platforms in the third quarter, energy companies have added 25 excavators since the beginning of the fourth quarter.

The number of active oil platforms in America, a preliminary indicator of future production, is higher than a year ago when it reached 738, as energy companies increased spending this year to boost production to take advantage of rising prices.

The Energy Information Administration said this week that US oil production. UU. Starting from seven main rock oil deposits, it will have to increase by 113,000 bpd to 7.9 million bpd in December, driven largely by increases in the Bermú basin in Texas and New Mexico.


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