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Bashar Jarrar writes about Mariah Carey's concert in Saudi Arabia: what's happening is but a lengthy delay

This article by Bashar Jarrar, a speaker and part-time coach with the Public Diplomacy Program of the US Department of State. UU. And the opinions below reflect the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of CNN.

"So al-Khamis!" Not on Thursday, this is the star of the American star Mariah Carey in the economic city King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia. An exceptional event in the entertainment agency's programs, which aroused the "outrage of some" and was about to celebrate its third year following the steps of 2030's vision preached by the Saudi monarch and wearing the banner of the inheritance prince Mohammed bin Salman.

There is a substantial difference between assessing the success of the entertainment agency to achieve its tasks and the degree of satisfaction of the target audience in the first place is Saudi youth. I am not interested in entering the details on any of these issues, since what concerns us is the stability and progress of this country of great importance at a regional and global level.

Regardless of the degree of Wahhab's responsibility for militancy or Islamic extremism in the region and in the world, the role of Saudi Arabia is not less serious than its role since the establishment of the kingdom based on the religious tribal alliance. The biggest earthquake was the years before Riyad cut the "Muawiya" with the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

As of that moment, the arms of this organization arose. Those who agree with their agenda and their points of view agree to demolish, in whole or in part, Saudi Arabia's attempts to separate from their past and free themselves from the current situation and from an outdated past in terms of social customs, including the situation of women. Driving was not the first and last stop of the Saudi woman's trip to liberation and emancipation.

Like the change in any conservative society that is closed to the point of abstinence, it is necessary to confuse, to fall asleep and to resist. Each of these stages has its own headache for those responsible who do not envy what they are.

What is fun here is the theory of conspiracy and the broken drum that speaks of invisible hands that control the world as if it were the hand of the almighty: "God is what they describe." They claim that "Freemasonry" targets the "last settlements" of Muslims entering "musical instruments" in the land of the two mosques.

The vision of 2030 is mainly of development, and Mariah Carey is artistic first and last. What is happening in Saudi Arabia is just a long delayed right and what measures are taken is only an introduction to what is to come. Entertainment is a basic right of the creatures of God, not just human beings, but the wise of the best entertainment in the good and did not prevent the change for good.

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