Monday , May 10 2021

Call 306,000 factories for product defects within 9 months. 75% of vehicles

The amount of defective products convened by the Ministry of Commerce and Investments amounted to 306,000 defective products during the first nine months of this year, after the tests showed that there were defects in them and that they should be recovered or repaired for free.
According to a recent Ministry report, the number of calls to defective products reached about 154, including 136 vehicle removal campaigns and defective vehicle products constituted the list of more expensive and more expensive goods by 75 percent.
The report indicated that there are three mechanisms for the preservation of consumer rights, including immediate repair at the approved maintenance centers, replacement in case of repair, in addition to the return of the defective product and the reimbursement of the purchase amount in the absence of a radical solution to default
According to the report, the proportion of consumers who responded to the calls provided by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment in the last three years did not exceed 20 percent.
The Ministry of Commerce and Investments has launched the Call Center website for defective products to improve consumer protection efforts and develop and regulate after-sales services.
The "Call" website provides the possibility of searching and identifying defective products that have been the subject of call campaigns during the last period, presenting the latest products to recover and allowing insecure product information that can affect consumer safety.
The site offers a vehicle security check by entering the structure number or the serial number to see if it is included in any previous call and you can access all the services by visiting the link.
The Call Center for Defective Products aims to protect consumers and follow complaints about manufacturing defects and product problems at the local and international levels. It also monitors and analyzes notifications and calls from manufacturers that require defective products. It also aims to improve consumer safety, protect and protect rights and reduce the financial waste of the national economy.
Since its establishment in November 2016, the Call Center for Defective Products has conducted more than 888 recovery campaigns, with a total of more than 2.7 million defective products and defective products.

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