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Care and health – the study reveals that strawberries help maintain mental health

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Studies have found that a compound of this type of fruit, known as vesitin, alleviates cognitive degradation and inflammation in mice. Mice that were not treated with phytose found cognitive difficulties, as well as tension and inflammation.

"Previous research related the phosphate compound and reduced memory loss in genetically modified mice to the development of Alzheimer's disease," said Pamela Maher of the Cellular Cell Neuropathy Laboratory in La Jolla, California. "Of course, mice They are not like people, There are quite similarities that we consider that the vesitin compound will be studied closely, not just for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, but it can also reduce some of the cognitive effects associated with aging. "

Researchers at the Cellular Neuropathy Cell Lab in La Jolla, California, analyzed mice who smoked prematurely for 10 months, such mice showed signs of unprecedented physical and cognitive degradation in normal types of animals until they were two years old and introduced Mice Researchers with 3 or 10 months of daily dose of compound with its food during 7 months, another group of the same rats were fed without mixing with the Vesitin compound during the same period. The mice were subjected to various cognitive and memory tests, brain function, wa and mice. The results showed that untreated mice with Vesitin had difficulty in both cognitive tests, as well as for stress and high inflammation. Mice treated with Fisatin did not experience safety problems.

The 10 month mice showed behavior, cognitive ability and inflammation similar to a group of untreated mice of three months with the same aging. "More than 10 months ago, the differences between these two groups were surprising," said Pamela Maher. Mice are not like people, of course, "but there are quite similarities that we consider that the file compound will be considered closely, not just for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, but it can also reduce some cognitive effects associated with aging." The results were published in the journal Gerontology Serie A, "it was linked to the previous research, m Composite Vecetin and low memory loss in mice genetically prone to the development of Alzheimer's disease.

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