Friday , May 14 2021

Digital currencies lose $ 27.5 million of their market value in one week

The market value of the digital digital currency recorded losses of approximately $ 27,500 million per week.
The market value of the digital currency fell from $ 212,848 million last Friday to $ 184.392 million during yesterday's trading, to record the lowest level in more than one year, specifically from October 23, 2017.
Digitized digital currency "Petcavein" occupied the first place in terms of market value at $ 97.40 million, followed by "Ripel" with $ 19 billion.
Ethemir was third with 18.42 million dollars, followed by Petachwine Cash at 7.09 million dollars.
While Stellar Lumens was fifth in terms of market capitalization of $ 4.64 million, followed by Eos with $ 4.150 million.
In terms of trading, petrochemicals rose 1.5 percent to $ 5,640 as of 4:00 p.m. Yesterday's local time, trading at $ 6.38 million, while dropping around 12.54 percent in a week.
Atheer rose 0.99 percent to $ 180.14, trading at $ 2.35 million, while falling 15.39 percent per week.
While Ripel rose 4.24 percent to $ 0.47467 on Tuesday, it traded at 874.52 billion dollars, while it fell 6.16 percent in a week.
While Petrochemical Cash fell 11.06 percent to reach $ 395.59, with a turnover of $ 736.19 million, while falling 29.43 percent in a week.
Eos rose 1.94 percent to $ 4.6213 on Monday, trading $ 1.2 billion, 15.86 percent per week.
Stellar Lumens rose 7.51 percent to $ 0.24944, or $ 121.98 million, while falling 5.45 percent in a week.
The digital currency negotiated during the exchange yesterday about 18.97 million dollars.
Although the increase in market value at the end of last year provoked dreams of rapid wealth for many, the decline in value this year raised concerns about the bursting of the huge speculative bubble in the market and led to The dream of becoming rich fast.
The digital currency was founded ten years ago when an anonymous person specialized in the encrypted programming called Satoshi Nakamoto published an article that established the principles and fundamentals of the digital currency regardless of any formal institution.

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