Friday , May 14 2021

Facebook shares fall 3% to the lowest closure in 19 months

Friday, November 16,

Window in the world – Live: "Facebook" shares in about 3% on Friday, heading to the lowest level in 19 months, with claims for changes in management.

The company's actions declined after an analyst at Stefel Nicholas said Facebook's problems in reconstructing credibility with politicians and regulators also extended to investors and employees, and now they were examined after months of negative earnings per share.

Scott Deffitt suggested in a note to clients that the senior managers' amendment should be considered, and added that many problems had been secured against Facebook because of "questionable" management decisions.

The board can accelerate the reconstruction of credibility, considering the changes in top management, said the analyst.

Facebook said yesterday that its criticism of how it handles Russian interference in US elections is unfair.

At 4:20 p.m. GMT, Facebook fell 3% to 139.53 dollars, the lowest level since April 2017.

From its next highest level on July 25, Facebook dropped 36%.

Source: Mubasher (Economy)

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