Sunday , April 11 2021

Fair punishment is the only criterion

In a press release, the General Union of Pharmacists denounced the murder of pharmacist Ahmed Taha, who works at al-Nahdi pharmacies in the Al-Safa district in the Jazan district of Saudi Arabia, after receiving seven stabbeds, one of which is deeply in the heart.

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Mohieldin said he continued with Dr. Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration, and promised to intervene quickly. The minister continued with the doctor Taha, the sister of the late colleague and promised to take all legal measures against the murderer and the speed of the return of the body. Immediately with a Saudi lawyer in addition to travel to Egyptian lawyer to follow the case process, and facilitate the procedure for the return of the colleague's body to be buried in Egypt.

He said that the Pharmaceutical Union will not rest until the return of his right and punishes the guilty and that the colleague of the pharmacist was assaulted because of the refusal of Pampers to return it, except by invoice, according to the instructions of the Department of Pharmacy. It leads to sincere pains to the family of the colleague and patient and patient. .

The security forces arrested the author, a Saudi national, for security patrols in Jazan, represented by secret security 20 minutes after the incident. The pharmacist was taken to a nearby private hospital, but died shortly after his arrival, where he suffered seven stabbed ones, one of which was deep in the heart.

"I received a call from Engineer Al-Nahdi, the head of the company Al-Nahdi, to confirm the rapid conclusion of the procedures for the return of the body of Dr. Ahmed Taha first and the formation of a panel of defense of the company's lawyers and of the use of another group. And Saudi Arabia pays a lot of attention to this incident, and that just punishment is the only criterion to solve this crisis and I ask the pharmacists not to follow the news sites or who believe that it is mentally unstable, "adding that The matter is at the disposal of the police and the judiciary, pharmacists P work Egypt Foundation Nahdi, to take into account the causes of the problem not to repeat again, especially after the many complaints received after the incident.

He explained that Egyptian pharmaceuticals are one of the main partners of the company's success and the scope of the company's sharpness to keep them healthy, scientific and economic, pointing out that the Indian company will be responsible for the family of the deceased colleague.

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