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Freeze the debts of the Ismail players after the defeat of the Tigris valley

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Thursday, November 8, 2018 08:49 The economic repercussions of the painful defeat of Darwish from Tigris Valley in three to Jules in the land of Darwish continue and for the first time Ibrahim Othman, president of the club, repulses the players after the defeat, assuring that It will not allow distortion of the history of the dervishes to repeat defeats at the disposal of all support for the team.

The board of directors of the club decided in an encounter that freezes the places of the players indefinitely. The board stressed that any player that was shortened will be excluded to correct the team's path and return to the victories and progress gradually in the rankings.

The Council also approved a meeting with Brazilian Vieira to determine the reasons for the decrease in the results, despite the availability and fulfillment of all requests at all levels, the appointment of Mohamed Wahba as general coach and temporary director of football, due to their proven ability and ability to contribute to the restoration of the discipline within the team.

On the other hand, the masses poured their anger on the board of directors and demanded winter agreements to modify the team's path in the light of team disintegration and the infertility of the target. The wrath reached the statue of Osman Ahmed Osman, who was denounced and written by incognitos against the advice.

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Source: Egyptian Today

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