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Gold reaches the highest level in one week

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Gold records the highest level in a week, citing the Saws site, on Friday, November 16, 2018.

Gold reaches the highest level in the city of Abu Dhabi on 11-16-2018 Gold prices have risen on Friday, the highest of a week since investors sought refuge from the fears associated with the British separation of the European Union's European system When the Gold prices stood at 0.2% to 1214.93 dollars an ounce. Before the session, prices of precious metals reached the highest level from November 9 to 1216.79 dollars an ounce. The palladium fell 0.3% to 1153 dollars an ounce. Although the price of silver rose 0.1% to $ 14.30 per ounce. Click here to read the news from its source.

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Source: Saws

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