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I did not participate in "Satisfaction Watch"

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Aiten Amer: I did not participate in the "Satisfaction Watch" of the site and of Shousha, on Friday, November 16, 2018.

Aitan Amer said in an exclusive statement to Washusha who apologized for participating in the events of the movie "Watch Riza", which will be exhibited during the following month, after the news of his participation in the cinematographic championship with Ahmed Fathy and Dina Fouad .

"Amer" prepares for a new work of art during the next period, but is still in the reading phase, it has not been officially signed until now to the details of the work as a whole.

It is worth mentioning that the movie "Reda Clock", starring Ahmed Fathi, Dina Fouad, Hala Fakher, Mohamed Tharwat, Tariq Sabri, Islam Ibrahim, directed by Hani Hamdi.

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